Celebrating the beauty in Female Founders - Breaking the mold and audaciously following my dreams

Celebrating the beauty in Female Founders - Breaking the mold and audaciously following my dreams

Written on 08/08/2019
Lerato Dontache

As women venturing into the business space, I didn’t have a mentor when I started my business I had to read books attend events watch online content that would assist me in my journey as an entrepreneur. I thought I share my thoughts on my courage, persistence, and self-belief as a female entrepreneur to reflect on my career my challenges I’ve faced along the way and my tips to achieving your entrepreneurial success.



Breaking the mold and audaciously following my dreams

Entering the world of business was not clear to me but I knew I had to explore it since my two role models my grandmother and father ran their companies and sustained their families with the income they generated, I had initially planned my career: “I wanted to become a Biochemist, but I didn’t necessarily want to follow the linear route that is typical go to school and get a job.


In 2006, I took the plunge, a took a job I offered by a customer at the part-time restaurant job I had and studies part-time knowing that I want to understand formal business before I can venture into my own business full time and still pursue my love for entrepreneurship, which leads me to co-found an Insurance brokerage, at a tender age of 21 which provided undertakers, underwriting solution for their business.


The traditional view was that my career should follow just one path, but I had the passion and motivation, there’s no reason why I going to listen to background noise that you can’t pursue this daunting but yet exciting journey to run my own business, that business later failed which lead me to co-found my second business venture Nxa Technology Group a successful National Technology business with a clear focus on improving telecommunication, internet service, web and mobile applications for small businesses.


Today I’m pleased I took the plunge and went for my dreams as there are no limits to the directions in which you can make your career. Thinking back when I was organising beauty pageant in my community at the age of twelve, my entrepreneurial spirit has led me to start and take the lead in my businesses and change my trajectory. I firmly believe that you don’t have to set up a new company to harness your entrepreneurial spirit, for me being an entrepreneur is about having ownership and impact, and you don’t have to create your businesses to achieve that. Nonetheless, These are my seven tips to remain true to your vision as a woman in business;


  1. Break the mold
  2. Fight your fears
  3. Have perseverance as well as passion
  4. Learn on the job
  5. Find a mentor who is unbiased and will support you and entrepreneur and too busy to make time for you.
  6. Mentor others up, pay it forward remembering you started somewhere and others equally supported you along the way
  7. Believe in your stay in your lane, focus on personal development, and seeks tools to help you.


Enjoy this special issue for women’s month we highlight Top 50 Female founders in business for 2019, Hope their journeys will inspire you to greatness and help you find your inner greatness. Greatness lies in the inside of every single one of us.


I leave you with this inspiring quote from Arianna Huffington

“We need to accept that we won’t always make the right decisions, that we’ll screw up royally sometimes-understanding that failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success.”

With Love

Lerato Dontache