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About Thriving.Network and our Corporate Marketplace Initiatives

Who We Are
Thriving.Network is a digital platform dedicated to serving the entrepreneurial community through the use of practical, efficient and convenient business tools. It is the only platform in South Africa to offer virtual mentorship to its users, while simultaneously being a multimedia publisher of entrepreneurial content, an event organiser, a resource provider, a networking space and an innovative online marketplace.

Thriving Network has various options for you as an entrepreneur to benefit from, one of them being the Thriving Marketplace.

What is Thriving Network MarketPlace?

Thriving Network Marketplace is a cloud-based innovative solution that allows suppliers and buyers to connect and do business on a single platform. Our supply chain collaboration solution empowers your company to move faster and spend better. With Thriving Network Marketplace our mission is to connect SME’s to the largest B2B network, creating dynamic, digital collaboration with suppliers and Medium and Large enterprises around Africa.


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