Is Social Media Turning Marketing Upside Down?

Is Social Media Turning Marketing Upside Down?

Written by Thriving Team

By Conrad Travis David
A few years ago industry leaders said social media was just a phase, and now they are

scrambling to get on board.
During my first economics lecture at university my lecturer said: “Marketing is one industry of study that can be implemented in any part of society.” David says: “Being on the internet since 1992, I was quite thrilled by this remark. Marketing a business, product or service, irrespective of its industrial classification, meant that I could intertwine myself across the global landscape. When I look at social media, I’m reminded of that memory. Various forms of platforms to cater for the needs, desires and earts of many. “I have noticed after years online – with most engagements on foreign platforms and websites, that the market in Africa was still a fruitful landscape that needed to be exploited far deeper than what was seen online.”

Drive the search engine

“Search Engine Optimisation used to be a driving force to help businesses generate sales and gain new leads and they still do, to an extent. Yet recent studies have proven social media is grabbing the bulk of advertising spend and boosting re-directs.” David says we can choose to remain silent, or find ourselves in the same fate as the once upon a time horse salesman in the time of Henry Ford, or join the revolution. The market will progress whether you believe it or not, the market always changes – the strong pioneer, leads, sustains and survives.

Cynics are now scrambling

Six years ago industry leaders said social media was just a phase, and that the entire industry was just high risk. Today those same business leaders and government are scrambling to make up for lost years, trying to gain audiences for their social media communities. We can spend time to just create the same content items that we share on traditional media, or we can join the global standard of being bold and create content that is impactful, thought-provoking and most

of all, create actionable results for our viewer. Make effective use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram along these key principles to help you sail smoothly across the current landscape that is the Internet – social media. Maintain proper standards

Take a step back and look at your company with a perspective that whatever you share online, your audience is going to be replying to you. We’ve established a bit of an ecosystem of content for our clients over the years by reminding our developers and creatives that the need for content is always a 24/7 position. Your job is never done. Yet always remain true to sharing the core values of your clients’ message across platforms by forming a framework of foundational, informative and developing content that will help any team in establishing an interesting newsfeed. Identify key messages that you need to share across your platforms about who you are and what you’re about.

Developing good content

As you continually establish messages of importance and lay the foundation of who you are, this is where you would plug in campaigns and messages of promotion. Consider running live sessions when you host your next corporate event or product launch, to welcoming diary rooms at your offices whereby your teams can upload content of their recordings on approval that is to create a larger social community of transparency. Share content in bite sizes about your product/service, or the reason why you do what you do to the teams that work in the dark basements of your companies. Everyone deserves a time in the spotlight. Social media can also be used to boost the morale of your workplace.

Whatever your task and goals online, remember to understand your marketplace, adapt. Most of all look for methods and campaign strategies to pioneer.