Written by Thriving Team

Listening is one of the most important elements in entrepreneurship. In every interaction that is experienced whether negative or positive, properly hearing and breaking down everything said is vital.

I always say even the most torturous conversation has a lesson and one of the things it teaches you is negotiation. People who are quick to answer sometimes end up being the losers not because they don’t know but rather because they lack the vital information they could have used to win a client during the mumbling of the client.

Here are some reasons as to why listening is important in the entrepreneurship industry.


One of the greatest competitive but yet knowledge empowering competition or system to ever be created in the education system was and still is debating. In debating you are thought the skill of first gathering as much as possible knowledge and at the same sometime preparing for an argument that has nothing to do with your social standing. In debating you are taught the art of listening and sound arguing without putting feeling into it.

As an entrepreneur yes you are not bound by any rules but before arguing your point, it is vital that you learn to listen. During the process you pin point the weak point of your counterpart and dismantle their argument. In business dismantling someone argument is not that important but re-configuring their mind is important. And you can’t do that if you are always jumping the gun, so let them talk  and wants they are done you must then take the weak point and use it to make your negotiations points matter thus convincing them as to why the deal is important.


The most difficult people to teach are The Mr and the Mrs know it all. These individuals create a block in their mind that they know all there is to know. But what baffles many mentors is that they still come and seek mentorship or go to class but they refuse to take in what is being taught in whatever circumstance they might be in.

Their arguments or point of view are based on surface points of view that lack standing ground. These are the guys that many investors and mentors run from or retract their investors from cause they do not want to hear anything that others tell them and only consider their opinions the best.

But listeners even when they do not agree with you they give you the opportunity to state your argument without any condescending remarks but breakdown in a non arrogant way why their ideas or point of view is better. Investors and mentors take risk on these types of entrepreneurs because they know that these individuals are open minded and do not reject advice just for show.