Putting the ‘Smart’ in Smart Procurement

Putting the ‘Smart’ in Smart Procurement

Written by Thriving Team

Midrand’s Gallagher Convention Centre was host to hundreds of business professionals between 17 and 20 September. The 12th Annual Smart Procurement World conference and exhibition was nothing short of informative and influential, affording attendees the opportunity to not only network but to absorb as much knowledge as they could through various ‘Knowledge Hubs’ and presentations from seasoned entrepreneurs and procurement experts.

This year’s conference kicked off with a keynote address by Duncan Brock, Group Director of CIPS UK. Titled ‘Back to the future of procurement’, his address took a look at what Artificial Intelligence and BlockChain means for procurement professionals. Other topics of discussion included the effects of corruption and unethical behaviour on the countries of the world, making Big Data count, and using current legislative provisions for the growth of small businesses.

More interestingly, the 12th annual Smart Procurement World hosted a series of thought-provoking panel discussions, which catered to the more conversational needs of attendees. One such discussion revolved around attracting and retaining superior talent in one’s company. Moderated by DR Abdul Mahomed, the conversation tackled the importance of behaviour and ‘soft skills’, while answering the all-important question of what skills and experience are currently in most demand.

Dubbed the ultimate procurement and inbound supply chain conference in South Africa, the 12th annual Smart Procurement World was undoubtedly invaluable to small and large enterprises, exhibitors, speakers, and procurement professionals in general. Surrounded by Buyers, Purchasing Managers, Municipal Managers, Operations Managers, BEE Managers, Commodity/Category Managers, Enterprise Development Managers, Supplier Managers, Procurement Service Providers, Suppliers of Goods and Services and Enterprise Development Solution providers, the Thriving.Network Team can’t help but look forward to the 13th instalment of Smart Procurement World!

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