Importance of Mentorship with Siya beyile

Importance of Mentorship with Siya Beyile

Posted on 02/27/2019
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Siya Beyile is the founder and creative director of The Threaded Man – a leading online portal for the modern African man to stay up to date on fashion and original style. His phenomenal work in the industry led him to be appointed as the Fashion Director for the SAMAs & The MTV Africa Music Awards at the age of 22. Now 25, Beyile employs over 20 people and sometimes more, depending on what project he’s working on.

Siya’s enigmatic visionary has helped hone his ability to build a refined breed of globally relevant businesses, rooted in resourcing Africa’s Future. With a natural instinct for creativity and disruptive approach to business, Beyile sits as Chairman at the helm of the Seven Twelve Group, which houses the Threaded  Group and Rethaka Group.

Having received recognition from Forbes Africa, through his listing on the highly acclaimed 30 under 30 list, his career path reads as that of someone who has made it their life’s work to go beyond doing business as usual. His interests and influence have seen him become a celebrated businessman, speaker and thought leader on all things fashion and lifestyle, tech and sustainability in Africa.

The Eastern Cape native was born on 7th December 1993, and as a young man formed his identity at Wynberg Boys’ High School and later furthered his studies at one of South Africa leading fashion schools known as LISOF. His entrepreneurial journey began when he put his studies on hold and decided to challenge himself to turn his blog called “The Threaded Man” into a profitable business.