Sedzani Netshitenzhe - Social entrepreneur passionate about youth development (Episode 1)

Sedzani Netshitenzhe - Social entrepreneur passionate about youth development (Episode 1)

Posted on 04/29/2019
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As an advocate for youth development and philanthropy, Sedzani Netshitenzhe is the founder and MD of Nzalo Careers.
Netshitenzhe’s experience spans over Logistics, accounts and project management as well as various business endeavours that led her to Nzalo Careers. In this role, she was responsible for sales, sponsorship acquisition, database management and managing various ad-hoc projects. In addition, the role enabled her to hone her skills in stakeholder and project management, in particular projects that involved careers and educational events while creating platforms for stakeholders to optimize their Social Return on Investment for their brands.

Nzalo Careers - specializes in career and leadership development for learners in disadvantaged areas who are committed to their own success. We groom future leaders and help them find purpose.

For learners, we create platforms to access opportunities and guidance from professionals about life after high school. We prepare our learners from root level to become effective managers of their careers.
For organizations, we create an opportunity to engage and inform learners as early as high school and tap into a pool of talent.

We do this through career events, career publications and DVDs as well as career and leadership programmes.
We equip learners to navigate meaningfully, with confidence through:
• The journey in high school and the world of work.
• The globalized economy with sound leadership that will benefit communities.