SPLOO: It's water, just nicer and healtheir!

SPLOO: It's water, just nicer and healtheir!

Written on 10/22/2019
Thriving Network

SPLOO is kids flavored water with an educational puzzle, designed for little active minds. SPLOO fuses both the educational and health elements of early childhood development.

Like the slogan says "It's Water, Just Nicer". SPLOO is exactly that!  It contains all the benefits of water with a perfect gradient of juice. SPLOO is the perfect backpack drink, that seeks to increases water intake in the children market. 

The product is the brainchild of high school friends and now business partners, Mafohlo Poshoko and Martin Mabitsela who say that they created Sploo out a desire to inspire good health and fight obesity amongst children!


The Limpopo based duo from Toronto, Mankweng, has created a company that aims to fight childhood obesity in South Africa by substituting sugary fizzy drinks and unhealthy juices. SPLOO produces prepared, still and flavoured water – it contains no preservatives or artificial flavours.

"We took a minute and listened to the kids, and SPLOO is what they had to say... All we knew is that they love(d) playing with water, just not drinking it. SPLOO was born, it came with an educational element instead of subjecting our kids to just a cartoon character. We take KIDS serious and their livelihood together with their academic excellence matter to us," explains one of the founders, Mafahlo Poshoko.

The team plans to set up a water plant for SPLOO to get water, as well as the equipment needed to prepare the most natural drinks. He’d like more people to know about his health-conscious brand and get it stocked in all his favorite shops to share their passion with even more customers. Sploo recently won the Shoprite Hustle Entrepreneur competition.