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Lerato Dontache on 09/30/2019

Common Challenges Faced by all small businesses

Small businesses face many various challenges that threaten their very existence. I have been a victim of many of those challenges and would like to share my experiences and insights on how I overcame them as well as the strategies I had to put in place, to ensure that I grow and run a sustainable business.

L Lerato Dontache
Thriving Network on 09/30/2019

Navigating through the entrepreneurial eco system in SA with Jayshree Naidoo

Despite the many and increasing funding institutions, incubations hubs and accelerators available in the South African entrepreneurial ecosystem, research stipulates that the number of business liquidations increased by 53.1% between April 2018 and April 2019, while the number of insolvencies increased by 30.1% between March 2018 and March 2019. These findings paint a very grim picture regarding the state of entrepreneurship in South Africa and its economic future. With these figures in mind , it makes a lot of sense , now more than ever, to pay attention to the challenges that South African SMEs face and start empowering them by providing them with the necessary tools, funds, skills and resources to help them grow and run sustainable businesses. By following this lead, we will be able to address many social challenges that SA currently face including poverty, unemployment and skills shortage. Organisations such as Youth Innovation…

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